Why should you write poetry

Literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

The first time someone suggested me to write a poem only two things came to my mind, either the building of a complex scene word by word like Shakespeare or each line ending with a word that rhymed. But, as soon as I ventured into the world of poetry I realised what it really is, anything that brings meaning in a rhythm and style. It is the capability of building mystery and drawing parallels with words, of bringing a perspective to what is right and wrong in the world. With poetry, a normal waterfall can be presented as the essence of heaven, a flower as the immortal fruit. Poetry can help you process your emotions and grow as a human being.

So here are 3 reasons why you should write Poetry:

1. Build your brain:

Figurative Language is the key to poetry. Metaphors, similes, parallels are easier to remember than plain fact statements. Also, figuring out the true meaning of figurative words used is quite a good exercise for your brain. This also helps in grasping deeper meaning of basic words and taking a break from mundane phrases. Figurative Language also provides a solid ground for your feelings and ideas by putting them in a concrete standpoint.

2. Its therapy:

Poetry helps in understanding expressions. Whether it be a dialogue of one or two, it is a conversation. Poetry helps us have a conversation with ourselves. Poetry is a release of emotions, something people usually bottle up. A poem is something we can keep for ourselves, hand down for others to read or keep as a reminder of what we felt at that time. Penning down your feeling has always been considered very therapeutic, but with poetry it is like using a secret language that only you understand or someone who feels the same as way you will.

3. Understanding a Language:

Indulging in poetry in a language can increase your knowledge of that language by multiple folds. Poetry encourages you to find the perfect word to describe what you feel; hence you learn so many new terms of that language in that process. It also you to develop your writing style as well as your skill. Many times, the end product might as well surprise you.

If you’ve never written poetry, it can seem like an intimidating challenge. Don’t be scared.

We too often limit ourselves in our writing. What we ought to do is press ourselves to become better writers, and we do that by writing what we’re scared to write.

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  1. I would love to get into poetry, what would you recommend as a starting point for a beginner, to get into poetry and maybe eventually learn to express myself better? Thanks 😀

    • Well, no one can really teach you the steps to become a poet because the truth is all of us are poets. Poetry is born from your heart and that is probably the reason why there is no perfect technique for it. A poem does not have to be rhythmic, it is not supposed to leave everyone dumbstruck, a poem is about the feeling it leaves you with once you are done. Go ahead, take a pen and a paper and start rambling, don’t think too much, let yourself ramble for a good 10 minutes. That would be a great start.


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