Visionary, With or Without Eyes

They dream like we do for they are one of us.

Just Close your eyes for 10 minutes and go about doing your daily activities and you will understand what it means to be visually impaired. They have to work ten times harder for the simplest activities because of their lack of sight but that in no way means that they lack vision.

January 4 is celebrated as World Braille Day every year as a reminder of the importance of Braille Literacy. India is home to one-third of world’s blind population.
The reality today is such that many organizations such as restaurants, banks, and hospitals don’t offer braille versions of their print materials like menus, statements, and bills. Due to this, people with blindness or visual impairments often don’t have the freedom to choose a meal on their own or keep their finances private.

World Braille DayOur public vehicles and roads are not designed to be blind-friendly. This makes them extremely dependent on others and the major part of their day is taken away just surviving. Prone recently had the privilege of being a part of this wonderful workshop by Saaksh and My Story for the blind students at All India Confederation of Blind where we realised that these students were quick-witted, funny and full of aspirations. One was trained in classical music, one aspired to learn how to dance, one said she wanted to practice law someday and one wanted to be on the television.

We can help these individuals grow, we can help their dreams bloom with one simple thing – spread awareness about Braille literacy. This will help reduce their dependency which will give them more power to pursue their interests.

We believe that everyone is entitled to the same accommodations and service, regardless of ability. We at Prone will actively take part in making their life more creative. Do your part, spread the word!


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