Vaibhav Insa

Chemistry can be enjoyed. After completing my B.Tech and getting a job, I happened to realise how the kids around me are not getting education the way they should. I think we need to fall in love with our subjects. Fun is not limited to playing, Even Chemistry can be enjoyed.

It was my passion for this subject that dragged me to teaching and I am glad I took that step. Teaching gives me a lot of joy. When I see the positive lights on the faces of my innocent students, it touches me. I feel more humble and down to earth.

I love interacting with my students. Teaching is a very balanced act. You need to be friends with the kids to promote constructive growth, lenient while delivering your lecture, there should be room for all kinds of curiosity. But you also have to be strict when analysing to make sure that they learn and perform at the peak of their potential.

I remember this one day when I was taking my class in a park since I didnt have the institute’s key. An onlooker came to me and said, “I have seen people..but the way you treat kids and make them so happy about learning is fantastic.”

Moments like these keeps reassuring me that I am in the right place, doing the right thing.


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