Types of World Cup

Waiting for someone on a busy road, I surrendered to do something that everyone does, ‘staring at strangers’. Or as I like to call it, ‘observing people’.

Cricket fever was in the air and you could see people wearing Indian team jerseys. Hence, multiple ‘Dhonis and Kohlis’ were roaming here and there, just going around with their daily business. “Why aren’t they practicing?” I thought, just as I watched a boy in his mid teens in a 07 number jersey doing something thrilling. He was throwing and catching a mother dairy tetra pack in the air. He was practicing his catching skills! Good, we might win today.

The sun was fueling my impatience as I was waiting and regretting that I didn’t listen to my mom’s “carry an umbrella”. The 07 must have gone to fetch milk because of his mother too. At least he listened to her. But, I was against what he was doing, my parents taught me to never play with the food, regardless of sport seasons. Just as I was thinking that, I watched 07 miss his catch and the tetra pack exploding on the road. The milk was leaking everywhere. “Road kill’” I thought to myself and laughed. Shouldn’t have played with food.

As people around the crime scene were also laughing, the teen became embarrassed, he knew his mom wasn’t going to spare him. Still, he moved along, ramping over the carcass on his way.

Lightened by this entertaining act on the road, I regained to look around for my friend and was startled to see a rickshaw puller running and crossing the road, almost getting roamed over. Only to save whatever was left of the leaking milk in the tetra pack.

For me, the entertainment ended that moment. Yet, everyone continued laughing while he tried to mend the leak by tying his gamcha around it.

I realized that day that India needed a whole other level of team spirit and game plans to win something bigger than the World Cup. India needed to win all of the Indians, a milk cup.

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