Song Recommendation- Brother by Kodaline

A for Apple, B for Ball,
Some parts of this story will make your skin crawl.

If Edgar Allen Poe was alive, he would have been extremely pleased with this novel, or at least that’s what I believe. A serial killer who leaves bits from famous poetic pieces as his trademark is a wonderful idea, to begin with. Add to that a distraught brother, trying to deal with the “suicide” of his cop brother, he chooses to deal with his loss the way he deals with everything- by writing about it. But on his journey to cover the story of his brother’s “suicide”, he finds clues that lead to a trail of other similar cop suicide cases, always having a link to some poetic piece. It’s a fast-paced mystery, crime-thriller. The story is full of plot twists, and just when you think you have figured out the killer, that’s when you’re at risk the most.

Jack is a crime reporter with a local newspaper. Jack’s twin brother, Sean, kills himself under mysterious circumstances with a message- “Out of space, Out of time”. While the police are quick to rule it out as suicide because Sean’s colleagues and his widow admit that he had been distant, withdrawn, and changed since the murder of a young girl that he couldn’t prevent, none of it sits well with Jack. Jack’s investigative reporter skills go into high gear which leads him to a run in with the FBI and opens a large case surrounding police suicides, all of which have some cryptic message attached to them.

More than just a fantastic thriller work, it’s also a story about loss, repentance, and making amends with the dead, and with yourself.

“Death is my beat. I make my living from it. I forge my professional reputation on it. I treat it with the passion and precision of an undertaker–somber and sympathetic about it when I’m with the bereaved, a skilled craftsman with it when I’m alone.”


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