Stay | Poetry

stay by panoramic tales

This poem revolves around the feeling of knowing that you are falling for someone and craving for more of them in your life. The whole turmoil and confusion of confessing or hiding your feelings is expressed in a simple word here, ‘stay’, as that is all you want from them. So, stay, read and feel what we all have felt.

A little longer,
Just a minute more,
To give me enough time.
So that I,
Could shush down these butterflies.


For enough time.
So that I,
Could feel them flutter even more,
Everytime, your eyes smile.

I promise that I’ll,
Stutter a little less,
If I have more time,
And might just gather the courage
To speak, to feel.

To speak what I feel.
If you just,

Just stop?
Stand there?
Hear me hear the stories you let out bare?

In the sublime silence
Of your words filling in,
And my words,
Vacuum in the air.
Stand here.

Such an easy task,
Such a simple thing.
Still, I couldn’t say.
With my stuttering, silent strings,
Humming a mute tone,
Of desperation and vain,
At play.

And hence, you didn’t


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