Monday, January 25, 2021


Welcome to Shelter - the island of misfit toys; A place close to home, a safe space for you to express your worries, your vulnerabilities.  The shelter accustoms everyone. This is a platform for discussions, overcoming our fears together, finding peace in relatable stories, coping with our troubles with the help of experts and finding solace among people you can call your own. No one will judge you here for being you.

Change Starts With Us

I have been bullied by my friends for the longest time. I don't think they realise it. How do I convey my insecurities to them?


I have been suffering from anxiety disorder from the last 5 yrs but speaking of it openly or getting professional help seems difficult to me.


My brother recently asked me "Why do only girls keep crying for equality?" Because, well, aren't they the ones who really need it?



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