Let’s stop pretending. Let’s stop saying that we like something when we actually don’t. Just say what you feel like. Move on. You see, the thing is that you don’t need to carve yourselves according to the standards of the society. You don’t need to be aloof with yourself. Just be honest.

There’s no solace in being held captive by the veil of pretend, and lustrous lies. There is no image to safeguard. Don’t be a living exaggeration. Make ‘unpretentious’ your highest compliment. Live the way you are. No holds barred. 

Say ‘I do care about you’ when you do and ‘I don’t’ when you don’t. It’s simple. Express your love and the lack of it. There’s no shame in it. Don’t leave your emotions lying on the pyre. Unsaid words are the ones that kill you at the end.

It is not actually THAT complicated, you know.
It gets complicated when we pretend. When we try to show our ‘best side’ to the world. Your best side is not your ‘true side’. But your ‘true side’ is the best. See the beauty within yourself first and then in the world. Your eyes paints the world from the tints you provide from within. Your world is your reflection.

Be bothered about what you want. Who you are. What you like. Be honest in everything. Let’s be a little unpretentious. Let’s live a life we want to live. No conditions applied. There are no conditions to apply.


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