Marry-go-round | Poetry

marry go round

Round and round,
Like the ring on my hand.
Round and round,
Like the ring in yours.
Goes my heart, soul and song
Whenever you are around.

They say I am happier,
I feel happier.
The reason unknown,
Or maybe denied.

They say you are the reason,
Maybe, you are, yes, you are.
Yes, you just might.

This confusion of heart,
Comforted with you in sight.
And you seek comfort in them,
Along with my poems, my arms.

Warm and home,
You’re my fireplace.
Divine and calm,
I am your river.
We are disputing with nature,
With our every touch.
We are aware,
Yet we have our own nature.
Hence, everything is fair.

Round and round,
Like the ring in my hand.
Round and round
Like the ring in yours.
Round and round,
Like the ring your wife wears,
We are stuck in a marry-go-round.

The poem revolves around the common dilemma of going with the heart or the society (not mind). It talks about two people loving each other while being committed to some other people. Though it is an act of defiance, it makes them happy in a way in which their relationships does not and hence, they are stuck in a marry-go-round, where the love speaks and flows, regardless of the rights and wrongs, but they do not. How do we decide who and what is right for us, especially when the wrong feels fair?


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