lead me there - prone

This poem came out to me as a calm solution to the most overused expression of denial heard- ‘you won’t get it’. I was tired of listening to it as I strongly believed (and still do) that every problem or misunderstanding can be sorted if people would just explain, express and listen to each other. If I ‘won’t get it, then ‘lead me there’. Let me get to where I lost you. Let ME catch up.

If you say that I am lost,
Then why don’t you lead me there?
To the trails of your thoughts,
Your dreams.

It would be easier, this way.
If you think I don’t understand,
Then help me understand the complexities you so passionately endure in.
It would feel a little happier.

If I’m stuck in a time zone
That ceases me to see your way,
Bring me out of it,
Colour my world in your shades.

Yes, I’m a bit lost.
Still perplexingly wondering at the footsteps of these stairs.
Unaware, whether they lead me down or above.
Maybe, they won’t even lead me anywhere.

Well, ain’t everyone a little lost?
Stuck between some twisting stairs?
If you know the right path,
Then help us out and step by step,
Lead us there.

Step by step,
I’ll find my way,
Walking on your handpainted trail.
One day I might even see the light
And brighten the end of this tale.

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