Last Rain

One day,
When the breezes turned to hurricanes,
Like thunder you broke the quiet of my night.

The city seemed to be rushing,
While we tried to find solace in hindsight.
Droplets rushing into broken crevices, of fears and insecurities.

And so, the last rain ended
with a piece of me still alive with hope
That it will rain again tomorrow,
and I will be whole.

Last rain is about a rainy-day encounter with someone really close to me.
I’ve always been a better listener, and not one to talk. My mistake? I usually tend to hold back things I want to say. Let me tell you, that almost never helps.
It was a long and tiring day, and at the end of it, my significant other, said a few things, that pierced me through. I was not okay, and was thinking about it for a week or two.
Waiting to address it in time, and during that state of mind, I wrote this.”


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