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We live in a society that is still debating if we need feminism or not. We live in a society where the LGBTQ+ community is still struggling for an identity. We are living under a rock!

In 2018, a 21-year-old middle-class Punjabi cis-woman living in the metropolitan city of New Delhi started ‘That Woke Ladki’ with the motto of making a change/difference for she cannot just sit down and let things happen the way they are happening.

She describes herself as a staunch feminist, rebel, dissenter. Her account was started as a page with woke humour that woke people could enjoy, appreciate and use to burn bigots.

Today ‘That Woke Ladki’ is 8000+ followers strong and continuously growing but it took a lot of time and strength and the support of her amazing followers to reach where she is at this stage. She almost gave up on this project multiple times due to bad health and personal problems but the immense support she received inspired her to work harder and better each day and make this community grow.

She thinks contributing to society is a big thing to say but ‘That Woke Ladki’ can serve as a powerful platform in the future as it grows. A place to start revolutionary campaigns that will bring change while also making sure relevant content is shared/reached widely.

Her main goal with this page is to make sure that all her followers feel home here, can interact with her freely and relate with ‘That Woke Ladki’ as in, they are themselves, the woke ladki.

We are happy to welcome her in Team Prone and are excited to announce that you can read her exclusive columns at

Find Her: That Woke Ladki

Prone and That Woke Ladki are working on bringing legal literacy about sexual assault/harassment against women. If you have experienced any sexual assault/harassment, you can share it with us in the form below. It can be a question or just an attempt to let out the feelings that haunt you.

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