prone- If i could be- discarded doll


If I could be,
I would be a stone.
To be kicked and not hold a single grudge.

If I could be,
I would be a chameleon.
To change myself effortlessly with each of my problems.

If I could be,
I would be a discarded doll.
To be worn over, yet eternally smiling.

If I could be,
I would be a broken mirror.
To be able to shine brighter, even in pieces.

If I could be,
I would be an ugly caterpillar.
To have an undying hope to bloom into a butterfly.

If I could be,
I’ll be all the bad things.
To make you realize,
There could be no yin without a yang.

The poem is purely about acceptance. It revolves around the simple idea- ‘if we’ll accept our flaws, we’ll be able to see that we were never flawed.’

As we all know that popularly, there are always two ways to look at things, out of which the lesser looked upon and often ignored viewpoint stays to be the brighter one. Hence, through this I give birth to a simple thought, to be flawed and cherishing it. Even more so, to aspire to be flawed. To replace the materialistic and idealistic approach ‘if I could be’ and metamorphose it into self love.

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