I am sorry,
I don’t want nice.

My eyes are swollen from staring at the screen.
I am looking at this long note you posted last night.
The comments filled with sympathy;
People offering you a shoulder to cry.
I am wondering if you feel good now
for everyone knows I am the villain of your life.

I still remember when I saw you for the first time.
A navy blue t-shirt and round spectacles on your eyes.
You came to me, clearly nervous
for I always lived with people who were too uptight.
I smiled and told you,
welcome to the tribe.

All these memories haunt me today
as I sit here alone and cry.
I never knew I was so bad until you came by.
You, with whom I chatted all day, all night.
Because you, I thought were different
and will embrace my absurd side. 

I read it again,
I still can’t believe my eyes.
‘I will always keep loving you.’
Oh, this makes me smile.
Like always you managed to be nice.
But I’m sorry.
You are not allowed to hurt me just because you are polite.

I am sorry.
I don’t want nice.


“It was about 3 years ago that the word ‘Friendzone’ started doing rounds on social media. Jokes and rants hand in hand, talking about the mean girls who talk to boys, call them friends but do not agree to sleep with them. How Unfair! Right? After all, you were so ‘nice’ to her.

This poem is a dedication to the apparent ‘Nice guy’ who is entitled to love because he has suffered a lot at the hands of the world. Just because he knows poetry and a little bit of chivalry, he is not entitled to her love unless she feels the same.”


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