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Girls Don't Sit Like This

Don’t cross your legs, don’t show your thighs. Girls don’t sit like this.

Girls Don't Sit Like This 1

Walk around like you have a secret. Eat in moderation, or even better, don’t eat at all. There is a long list of things that decide whether you are a lady or you are not. This list has nothing to do with how kind you are, or how noble your soul is; it is all about how to sit, how to stand, how to laugh, how to walk. I think I am going to freak out but well, a lady never loses her calm.




Girls Don't Sit Like This 2

I was only a child when I started hearing taunts on how I compose myself in public. With every year that passed by, the list became longer but I could never adjust myself into it. I would walk around like the ‘boys’. And so the girls in my class came to my rescue, spent all their time trying to tell me how girls walk differently from boys. I really didn’t understand for the first 10 months but yes they finally managed to get through me. I am still not sure though if I am walking right. What if the man of my dreams turns his horse away in the other direction after watching me walk?


Girls Don't Sit Like This 3Pretty soon, the boys started calling me one of their own and that was annoying yet kind of cool. It was cool because being a guy, you get the chance to be imperfect and still be embraced. It is not like they do not have challenges of their own, they are levied with an equally heavy-set of stereotypes but for me, it was a breath of fresh air.
But one day, when I was dressed to go out, I got a compliment from one of them –

“You look like a girl today.”


Yes, that was my compliment. I did not look beautiful to them, not pretty, I looked like a girl. I had no idea how to react.

I’m a girl, so why don’t I look like one to them every day? Because girls don’t wear ugly sandals, they have long locks always perfectly combed, they don’t shout in public and don’t laugh making horrendous sounds. They walk a certain way, they sit a certain way.

So, I realised, I was doing it all wrong. Girls don’t sit like this with their legs up in the air. Girls don’t sit like this with their waist sneaking out. Girls don’t sit like this, surrounded with boys all around.



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