Discomfort Levitate

“Everything you ever wanted is just out of your Comfort Zone.”

-Robert G. Ellen

Whenever we hear the word “Uncomfortable”, we instantly imagine a place of discomfort or an environment of uneasiness. That situation might be getting stuck in an elevator; a phone call from a relative after the results or watching an Emraan Hashmi song with your parents. We’ve all been there!

However, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is CRUCIAL for learning new values and vital life lessons. It’s time that we stop looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, pretending that fear, anxiety, and uncertainty are alien concepts. The most harmful thing you can ever do to yourself is getting stuck in your comfort zone. While comfort zone has a divine taste, exploring the unfamiliar is much more heavenly.

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If you eat chocolate ice cream every day for dessert, just because you recognize the taste, won’t it get boring? Go on and try chocolate mousse, chocolate truffle or even strawberry sherbet. By taking controlled risks and getting in things you wouldn’t normally do is a great way of relishing uncertainty. By pushing your comfort limits, you would learn to dodge the jolts thrown by life.

Every big star has, many times in his life, pushed multiple boundaries and jumped hundreds of comfort zones to achieve where he stands today.

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh writes in her book,

“I can confidently say that I’m skilled at making YouTube videos, and that’s only because I went through the horrifying experience of making my first ten videos. I had to go through the awkward process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t.”

Lilly Singh, with a net worth of  9 million dollars, now has 500 videos that are online today and have over 1 billion views combined.  Nobody goes from 1 to 100 in a sudden magical experience, but they go from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, and 2 to 2.2 and then after multiple steps they reach 100.

Uncomfortable Quotes

With a tad bit of discomfort comes a truckload of productivity, as people generally are more driven when walking on a tightrope. Getting too comfortable impedes productivity while pushing our boundaries helps us hit our stride much sooner. More importantly, once you learn to leave your comfort zones you get accustomed to optimal anxiety or Productive Discomfort. Spot on decisions don’t scare you anymore and soon everything that made butterflies wiggle in your gut becomes a cakewalk.

Each time you step away from your boundaries, it’ll get easier and a little less terrifying. These little steps then turn into major stepping stones-the bronze and silver medals that bring you closer to the gold.

Breaking out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean going Sky Diving the very next day or getting in the Naga King Chilly Eating Competition. There are a lot of ways to sketch your boundaries:

  1. Do everyday things a little differently. Take a new path to your work, order from a new restaurant, go vegetarian for a week. Recalibrate your system once a while.

  2. Learn a new skill to adorn your resume. Learn a new language, learn tap dance, get a guitar. Rejuvenate yourself in a new way.

  3. Harness your creativity. Paint a wall of your room, invite people for dinner that you cook. Trying new things will help you out to investigate a problem in new light.

  4. Slowly but steadily look for better career opportunities, explore your options and interview for better prospect.

  5. Travel to new places, and look for new destinations. Hire a bike and ride it around the city. Go for walks and spend time with individuals that inspire you.

“Think of discomfort as a currency – it’s the price you pay to learn crucial lessons and vital values.”

The world is getting increasingly competitive where only the fittest can survive. So step out of your comfort zone, take risks, embrace uncertainty with open arms, and let’s GET UNCOMFORTABLE.


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