Dual Personality by Dhanraj Bhagat

The good and the devil are not separate entities, they are knit together. It looks like they are always against each other; always on a battle to finish the other but good and evil are different sides of the same coin. They can’t survive without each other or as Terry Pratchet put it,

“People couldn’t become truly holy, unless they also had the opportunity to be definitively wicked.”

Dhanraj Bhagat’s different sculptures portraying different dual personality helps you admit the obvious that both good and evil lie inside us. They are both controlled and fed by us.

Dhanraj Bhagat’s first sculpture shows an evil and a humble face attached to the same body. The sculpture shows that both traits are attached together and exists equally in the universe.

Dual Personalities 2
Sketch of the sculpture- Dual Personality made by Dhanraj Bhagat before he started working on the Sculpture.

When you look at the faces closely you can see a nasty smirk on one of the faces. It is seemingly proud of his deeds. The eyes sharply focused on a point, still determined, still ambitious. Meanwhile, the humble face looks rather tired; a little lost. The face shows no hope, like it has already given up. Often being good is way more difficult and tiresome than being evil.

Dual Personality 3

The second sculpture shows a man holding down both the good and the evil. As Robert Louis Stevenson said,

“In our own hands lies the power to choose what we want most to be who we are.”

Everyone always has the choice. We are in control of which part of our personality we want to listen to, we are the commander of our own actions.

Dual Personality 5
A closer look at the sculpture’s both faces.

Sir Bhagat’s portrayal of dual personality is thought-provoking and the sculptures are very beautifully carved.

Other details:-
Artist: Sir Dhanraj Bhagat ( 1917-1988)
Material used: Reinforced Concrete



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