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Doors by Panoramic Tales

‘I will never leave you.’
Said the voice on the other side of the door.
She turned back and wryly smiled.

The figure slowly faded.
The echoes didn’t stop.
But it didn’t hurt as much now.
For the truth is that he left long ago.

She didn’t understand though,
Why he kept coming back.
Why he never let her wounds turn black.

But every open door can be locked.
Yet she chose to be trapped among the open doors.

We always have a choice but sometimes we chose to ignore the fact that we can fix the things that we complain about, walk out of situations we grunge about. We chose to sit and sulk. This poem was inspired by a personal dilemma. That night there was a lot on my mind that I wanted to share, all of that was disturbing me from the past few months and I still chose not to just like the character in the poem.

The poem talks about a couple who hide from the eyes of people because he cannot be seen with her. He always tells her how much he loves her but is never ready to commit to her. She always blamed him for keeping her hanged but the truth is she let him. She could have stopped the hurt by closing the door and yet she did not.


  1. Well written. It took to me 26yrs to shut the door on a loveless hopeless marriage and begin living life again. Women take time to break free of mental conditioning that shackles them. We keeping hoping forever and ever but the door though open remains shut.


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