Do you know what silence is?
Do you know it’s not always peace?
Do you know its not always ease?
You think its just the absence of voice?
O! Do you not hear the chaos it carries!

Silence is the sound that broken hearts make.
Silence is something unsaid for someone’s sake.
Silence is the smiles we fake,
its the loud cry of confined tears;
or it can be just another name for worldly fears.
Silence, is a lot of feelings that faded away
Silence is the words you don’t say.

Silence can be those deadly screams,
Silence can be those beautiful dreams.

Silence is that love, that is unfelt,
Or that hate that you could’ve dealt.
Its those letters to yourself and the world, that are still not sent!

Silence can be a lot of catastrophes happening inside,
Or it can be the absence of someone beside!
Silence can be the truth of eyes,
Silence can be a treasure of lies!

We’re so busy living a rapacious worldly life,
that we often misunderstand silence to be just the absence of voice,
that we often misunderstand silence to be the peace between noise.

We often mishear it to be silent,
We often ignore the chaos it carries.
Do you not know what Silence is?
Do you now know what Silence is?

– Riasath Ali Siddiqui
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