Q1. How long has it been since you started painting?

I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember. I was taking classes for painting till 7th grade. After that I took it just as hobby. Practiced and painted for fun or relaxing sometimes. I realised I wanted to pursue this as a career recently. I also want to build a career in graphic designing. Before I wanted to polish my fine arts, so I took classes for that. I’ll finish them by September, and then venture into graphics. I live in East Delhi and I travel every day to Noida for these classes, 10 to 4. I am also taking classes to learn a few programs. I believe it is important to learn and grow every day.

Divisha Artwork 5

Q2. Have you seen a change in your art since you started learning more about it?

Yes, definitely I have. Also, I am able to critique my own work which is very important. At first, I couldn’t really understand where I lacked, what I needed to be improved. I have learnt the elements of drawing. My art is more refined because of the self-critique. It has also made me experiment with different techniques, find different mediums.

Q3. Have you ever had an exhibition of your own?

No, I haven’t. I am very under-confident about my work. People around me do suggest it a lot, but I have to be really sure of my work before. I get very anxious by the thought that what if I do an exhibition and nobody notices my art. I am petrified by the thought of people walking by my art and not even looking at it. I will hold an exhibition when I create an art piece that I am sure will turn heads.

Divisha Artwork 2
A hand feeling the rhythm of Rain

Q4. What is your genre of art?

I don’t have a genre as of now. But, I would tell you what I am comfortable with. I am really comfortable with abstract, geometric shapes and doodles. I get nervous with paints, water colours. That are what I am trying to learn about and get familiar with. Sketches and charcoal drawings, that are also something I really enjoy.

Q5. What inspires your art?

I take inspiration from nature. There are so many details to life and nature, that are so beautiful. So many things around us that we just ignore, but are worthy of being made represented through Art. Now when I am pursuing art as a career I see so much more details in nature that I can inculcate in my drawings.

Divisha Artwork 3
Divisha’s artworks show her love for geometrical shapes

Q6. Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years?

Maybe studying more about art, working as a graphic designer for a multi-national company. I will hopefully be holding exhibitions, and following this as full time. I have never wanted to build my art in order to earn money. I will be fine just holding exhibitions and not selling my art because my goal is not money, but to get better at what I do. I want the world to be aware about me, show them what I can do and make. I wan to become so confident in my art that I can make my art so good that it turns heads.

Divisha Artwork 10
Portraits of Robert Downey Jr. (L-R), as Tony Stark and Sherlock.

Q7. Explain your art in 3 words?

I will say its peaceful, inspirational and emotional. That is how they make me feel when I look at them.

Divisha Artwork 4

Q8. What does Art mean to you?

Anything that you can create to express emotion and also feel comfortable with is art to me. Everyone requires one or another form of art in their life. I believe everyone is artistic in their own sense. While for me expression comes through drawing, for someone else it can come through music, dancing, writing. That’s all art. Some people are so good at having conversation they can make anything interesting. That’s the art of conversation. So, for me art is expression.

Q9. Has there ever been something that you wanted to recreate?

When I visited Safdarjung tomb in Delhi, I was astounded by the symmetry in it and its crazy architecture quality. I clicked a picture of it. I imagined being able to draw it, something that people had built way past in time. I loved the idea of recreating it in my own way. While working on my painting of the tomb, I realised how I love symmetry and architecture. I am also heavily inspired by the leaves shed during autumn. They have really interesting shapes and so recreating them is fun.

Divisha Artwork 7
Artwork of Safdarjung Tomb shows her interest in symmetry
Divisha Artwork 6
Divisha’s favourite piece of hers

Q10. What do you think is more important, creativity or technicality?

Creativity is definitely more important to me. You learn technicalities with time, with practice. But without being creative you can’t make people connect. The purpose of art is to make people understand the expression behind it. Definitely you have to improve your techniques and process. But, without creativity the art will be so bland and meaningless.

Q11. Do people around you understand and value your work?

At first, they didn’t, even my family thought of my work as a hobby. They didn’t see a future in this field. But, when I realised I wanted to pursue this as a career people started coming around supportive as well. I was very nervous before introducing my Insta page as well. My friends actually encouraged me to go ahead. My family saw me working hard on all my pieces. They started encouraging me as well.

Divisha Artwork 1

Q12. Have you ever encountered someone who wanted you to work for free/for a lesser fee, in the name of providing exposure/building experience or future prospect of more business?

Yes, I have. I have made two registered logos for companies for free. Some of my paintings are also hanging in people’s houses. At that time, I was naïve, I believed they appreciated my work and I didn’t have a lot of that going with me. Now, I know better. I didn’t evaluate my work at that time, was very under-confident with my work as well. All those factors played a role as well. Monetary terms also make you evaluate your work’s value as well. That’s why it is important for people to pay artists. If you are using someone’s work for commercial purposes you should definitely pay them.

Q13. Any message you want to give to the world through Prone?

To every artist, be confident and express yourself. I’ve been in that space where I stopped expressing and I would not wish that on anyone. Expressing yourself is your right, don’t ever stop expressing. Find your own way, your own medium but just don’t hesitate.

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