Dear Me

Dear me,
We have been having issues for a long time now. You often complain that I don’t give you enough time and trust me I feel guilty about it. Remember how we used to have long discussions after everyone else had slept and those long pampering showers? I miss them.

I am sorry. I am sorry that I was so scared to admit the truth about you, I am sorry I was ashamed of you. I am sorry I judged you for your colour, your shape, your size. I am sorry I thought you were not as good as other people, I am sorry that I spent hours scrutinizing you. I am sorry I called you a loser. I am sorry that I never allowed you to cry properly. I am sorry that I failed to build a relationship with you.

I realise my mistake now. I realise that you are beautiful the way you are. I realise that we have been together for almost 20 years now. I know you tried your best to win. I understand it’s not easy to stay strong all the time. I appreciate that you have loved me even when I didn’t love you back.

Dear Me 2

But now,  I am proud of you. I know you are flawed and that’s okay. I know there are so many people who are better than you, but my love, they are not you. For me, no one can be as good as you. So, I make a promise to you today that I will not let growing up get in the way of you and me. I am never going to undermine you.

You don’t have to smile when you don’t feel like smiling, you are free to feel whatever you chose to. You can cry, shout and express your emotions without feeling guilty about it. I will never hide you behind my insecurities because I am afraid of what everyone will think. I will never compare you with anyone else because you are me and I am you and that’s good enough.  I love you, always will.

Take care Love
We have a long journey ahead.




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