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Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”
Prone brings to you the exquisite world of poetry and wordplay with exclusive poems from upcoming writers.


Do you know what silence is? | Poetry

The poem talks about how silence is often full screams. We often think that silence is the absence of noise but it is much more. Read to find out.
prone- If i could be- discarded doll

If I Could Be | Poetry

If you could be anything, what will you be? Will someone choose to be all bad things? Read this poem by Volga Atwal to find out.
lead me there - prone

Lead Me There | Poetry

This poem came out to me as a calm solution to the most overused expression of denial heard- 'you won't get it'. I was...

Daddy Issues | Poetry

What happens when the man responsible for half of your genes is abusive and ignorant?

Blur | Poetry

This poem highlights how a victim of child abuse clenches to the incident all her life even after desperate attempts to forget it.
panoramic tales

Surrounded by Broken People | Poetry

"I'm surrounded by broken-hearted people. Pretty pieces. Pieces of people. These sharp shards of souls left, Abandoned, unrequited, cheated. Like glasses of a widow's bangles Shining of the days of...
stay by panoramic tales

Stay | Poetry

This poem talks of the feeling of knowing that you are falling for someone and craving for them in your life. So, stay, read and feel what we all have felt.
Doors by Panoramic Tales

Doors | Poetry

The poem talks about a couple who hide from the eyes of people because he cannot be seen with her. It is inspired by a personal dilemma. Read more.
marry go round

Marry-go-round | Poetry

The poem talks about two people loving each other while being committed to other people. Stuck in a marry-go-round, where love flows, despite the wrongs.

Peripheral Vision | Poetry

This poem is sculpted with the dark taints of arranged marriage. It tells how viewing it from from a peripheral vision can show us a different aspect of it.

Must Read

Dual Personality by Dhanraj Bhagat

Dual Personality by Dhanraj Bhagat | Art Appreciation

The good and the devil are not separate entities, they are knit together. It looks like they are always against each other; always on...
prone- If i could be- discarded doll

If I Could Be | Poetry

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