Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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We are all prone. Hear from us how we see the world, what makes us happy, what makes us cry. See us as we are, raw and unadulterated. Let us be vulnerable together.

Legal Literacy for Women 1

Legal Literacy for Women: Sexual Assault, Harassment & Voyeurism

99% of sexual assault/harassment cases go unreported in India. Through these series of videos, we aim to bring Legal Literacy among women. Watch now.
almari by Prone - Our closet project

Almārī: What Would a Physical Manifestation of Your Closet Look Like? 

Almārī is a storytelling project that collects all kinds of narratives on what closets mean for queer people in South Asia. Read the full feature story now.
Inclusion of Underprivileged Kids

Child Rights and You: Changing the Lives of Underprivileged Children

According to a recent news report, India accommodates more than 30 percent of approximately 385 million children living in absolute poverty. These kids are...
World Braille Day

Visionary, With or Without Eyes

Just Close your eyes for 10 minutes and go about doing your daily activities and you will understand what it means to be visually impaired.

11 New Year Resolutions for Your Mental Health

Our mental health plays a very important role in this process of healing and growing. Here are 11 resolutions you must take this New Year for your mental well-being.

How being an Introvert helped me discover my love for reading?

At a very young age, socializing was a problem for me. That’s when reading played a big role in my life. I found my true friends in books.
Girls Don't Sit Like This

Girls Don’t Sit Like This! | Blog

There is a long list of things that determines whether you are a lady or you aren't, based on your mannerisms. It is time we break this stereotype. Read now
Dear Me

Dear Me – A letter to myself

Loving yourself is not easy. In this week's column, I am writing a letter to myself acknowledging all the unaddressed issues I have with me.

No Conditions Applied | Blog

Let’s be a little unpretentious. Let’s live a life we want to live. No conditions applied. Volga Atwal talks about the importance of being unpretentious.
Discomfort Levitate

Get Uncomfortable | How Comfort Can Obstruct Success

Stuck at a rigid phase in life? Read from the Blog of Mehak Bhalla how making yourself prone to a new world of experiences and taking risks, help you grow.

Must Read

Tarun Manchanda by Prone

Growing Culture of Street Art in Delhi | VIDEO

The growing graffiti culture in Delhi has made art accessible to everyone transforming the way people experience art. Watch this documentary to know more.

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