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Artist Interviews

Who can understand art better than the people who manifest it? Meet some amazing artists and know about them and their wonderful art better with Prone.

Pranjal Asha

Pranjal Asha (Photographer, Aspiring Filmmaker) | Artist Interview

Pranjal Asha is a self-taught Photographer and an aspiring filmmaker. Read as she gets candid about herself and her cinema-inspired art.
Divisha Featured Image

Divisha Jain (Illustrator , Graphic Designer) | Artist Interview

Meet Divisha, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Read more and find out how art helped her progress and grow as a person in life.
Ayushi Goel

Ayushi Goel (Painter) | Artist Interview

"I believe taking art away from an artist, whether it be painting or poetry, is the most awful thing you can do to them. You are practically taking away their happiness from them"
SHRAVIT feature

Shravit Sood (Graphic Designer) | Artist Interview

Meet Shravit, a self-taught graphic designer who learnt his skills from Youtube. Find out what art is to him and seek motivation from his wonderful work.
Darshana - Artist

Mrs. Darshana (Painter, Art Teacher) | Artist Interview

Meet Mrs.Darshana, a Painter and Art Teacher. She has been in this field for 30 years now. Find out what art means to her and get inspired by her story.

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