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Art has always been a part of our lives, but how much do we understand it? Let us discover art on an intimate level and look into every aspect of it – from expression to the technicalities behind it.


Why Visit Surajkund Mela – The Largest Crafts Fair in the...

Discover the arts of Surajkund International Crafts Mela like never before. Here are 7 reasons why you should visit the 33rd edition from Feb 1- Feb 17, 2019

The Naked and The Nude Painting of Women; Objectification or Freedom?

Just as paintings are the canvas of the society, the society is a canvas of paintings. What has been painted so far has repelled...

Akhil Midha and Team (Sculptors) | Artist Interview

Akhil Midha is from Meenapur District of West Bengal. Around the year, Akhil makes several sculptures of different gods and goddesses. He learned the...
Sculpture of Durga

Understanding Durga through frescoes

The almighty Durga has adorned many spaces. This one deity means something different through each of these artwork. Let’s understand Durga through frescoes.
Feature Image - Types of Lenses

Types of Lenses | Learn Photography

What is almost a necessity to making a good photograph? A good camera lens. Here are the various types of lenses along with their respective uses. Read.
Kanhav Boliwal - Interview with Prone

Kanhav Boliwal (Photographer, Cinematographer) | Artist Interview

Kanhav Boliwal is a self-taught photographer and cinematographer, whose photographs have been featured on the cover of a magazine three times. Read more.
Mithila-painting-Dying arts of india

Dying Arts of India

Read about the dying arts of India, the ones that represent true diversity of India but are now on the verge of extinction. Find out why.
Alessio Albi - Light me up

You Used to Light Me Up  By Alessio Albi | Photo Appreciation

Alessio Albi's pictures are atmospheric, thought-provoking and sometimes, even peculiar. Let us look at one of his works and try to understand it better.
Last painting of Vincent Van Gogh

The Last Painting of Vincent van Gogh – the Artist who...

Made in the last weeks before he shot himself, many scholars consider "The Wheat Field and The Crows" as Vincent van Gogh's last. Was that really the case?
Pranjal Asha

Pranjal Asha (Photographer, Aspiring Filmmaker) | Artist Interview

Pranjal Asha is a self-taught Photographer and an aspiring filmmaker. Read as she gets candid about herself and her cinema-inspired art.

Must Read

Bonita Rajpurohit – A Proud Transwoman from Rajasthan

A 19 years old proud Trans girl from Udaipur who likes watching documentaries & short films on NOWNESS. Know Bonita Rajpurohit and her story of coming out to the world.

Blur | Poetry

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