Another night

Sitting in the bed
where I kissed you the first time,
I am wondering if you’ll come back
like all the other times?

Like the time you called me a ‘bitch’
and I still hugged you because you cried. 
Like the time you slapped me 
and said I was everything wrong with your life.

I am scared, I am cold,
What if you’ll never pick my phone.
I know you only miss me 
when you are miserable and alone.

But I beg you today,
I beg you with these sleepless eyes
Can I keep you another night?

Just like all these years,
when you left and returned a 100 times.
Never were there
but didn’t let my illusion die.

Come back,
for just another night,
and I will find a way, 
to tell myself it is alright.

One of the reasons why I turn to poetry is to express grief. Heartbreaks are difficult and it is even worse to see someone very close to you cry their eyes out as they feel completely shattered.

The poem was an outcome of the distress that I felt as my friend hugged me and cried while I could not comprehend what I can possibly do to make her feel better.

I could not figure out how can someone possibly love like this, where even after facing abuse, hurt and betrayal, they cannot imagine moving on.


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