Busting Relationship Myths – What not to expect when you are dating?

In a relationship have you ever found yourself obsessing over things like who texts first or who cares more for the other person? Here are few relationship myths that are probably adding to the anxiety!

Growing up surrounded with romantic books and movies has set an idea of love and romance in our head which can often be extremely unhealthy. Social media further validates this idea of a ‘perfect love story’ everyday. Be it pages that preach how exactly your fairytale should be or just random people posting their #couplegoals stories. 

Sorry to break the bubble, but no relationship ever is perfect. A relationship is rather a lot of work and effort. But yes, at the end of the day if that effort is for the right person, it is always rewarding.

So here I will be busting a few popular relationship myths that makes your relationships complicated.

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1. If they love you, they will always be available. If you love them, you always have to be available.

Expecting your partner to text back within 3 seconds, always taking your call, always being available to talk for hours, is not okay! This is an unnecessary burden on yourself and on your partner. This can lead you to feel neglected constantly and your partner famished.

It is okay to be busy sometimes, or wanting some personal space and time. You have a life outside of the relationship you are in.

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2. A happy couple never fights.

Fighting is very much a part of every relationship. If you are with someone long enough, you will face various ups and downs together. That is what makes your bond stronger as time passes. 

Sometimes it can be over something very silly and sometimes very important. Either way, what matters is how you act after the fight that is can you keep your ego out of your relationship or not!

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3. If a person loves you, they will know all your wants and needs.

That is if you are dating a genie but if it’s a human being chances are that you have to tell them what you need or want.

From little things like what we want to eat for dinner to major things like wanting more attention from them, we expect our partners to pick up hints and understand what we want. But sadly, the only thing this game of ‘Guess’ does is that make you both miserable.


4. Keeping yourself too available makes your partner think low of you.

“Who will text first?”
“Did I reply too quickly?”
“He didn’t reply earlier, so I won’t now.”

If you are still stuck in this, you need to spend more time with yourself, working on your self-esteem and ego-issues. You also need to make your partner aware of these insecurities.

Relationships are simple. You miss them, you tell them. It should not mess with your brain like this.

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4. Your partner will do everything for you that you do for them.

Every person has a different idea of love and relationships based on their past experiences and grooming. While some people are loud and out about it, some people like to keep it private. Some would invade your privacy and ask you a lot of questions and some believe in giving space to their partner to make their own decisions.

Everyone loves in their own way!


5. “I made a compromise for my partner, so they should be grateful to me for life.”

When you are sharing your life with someone, both of you have to compromise. This can sometimes be small, sometimes big. You do that because you believe you have something beautiful and you want to make it work. 

These compromises cannot be compared. These compromises don’t give you an edge. It is about making each other comfortable and staying happy together.

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6. My partner deserves someone better, I am not good enough.

Stop deciding for them. Just stop!

If your partner needed someone else, they would not have chosen to be with you during the ups and downs of life.

Enjoy what you have and stop worrying about what might make them happier, they know what will and that is why they have chosen to be with you.

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To conclude, every relationship is different and it keeps evolving with every passing day. Life will keep throwing in new challenges, but if you love what you have and want it to work,


Express these fears you have, however silly. Tell them and happiness will find you.




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