broken paths

“Of all the broken paths and things of past,
Maybe I’ll forget this too.

Like leaves we crumbled,
Waiting for the fall.
The Celestials die an early death tonight,
Yet the moon stands tall.

It knows all my secrets.
Just like you used to.
But it doesn’t give up on me so soon.
Just like you used to.

But of all the broken paths and things of past
Maybe I’ll forgive you too.”

As heartbreaking as it may be, but some relationships are transient. Some people are not meant to stay in your life forever, no matter how much you want them to. Good things come to an end, and can sometimes, turn quite ugly too.

I wrote this poem when I was going through a similar phase in life. A series of bonds that I counted on, turned to dust in a whiff. My friends blamed me for it, I blamed them.

The worst part about this is, that hardly anyone else apart from you understands the gravity of what you’re going through. But that’s the thing about heartbreak, no? For you, it feels like your heart shattered into a million pieces. But for the world, it’s just cliché.

So, whatever it was that I was feeling, I let it out through writing. And it helped.


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