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Unsung by panoramic tales

Amidst a space full of blossoming youth, their constant chitter-chatter, brimming startup minds, cries of enthusiasm and sighs of disappointments, stands a lonely bench. The one which is always full of people and still remains to be lonely.

Sitting on it with my friends and adding into the highs and lows of the space’s symphony, I found myself drifting away from them. I wondered about this bench. There are reasons why it is special. Firstly, it is the only bench here in this place catering to almost five hundreds of us daily. It enjoys its exclusivity. Secondly, it is under a shady tree, this tree not only keeps us at bay from the sunlight, but from the rains too. It is a place of rest. Under this open skied space, both of the things are crucial.

Interestingly, even when none of us is sitting here, the dogs are. This bench is always warmed up with hugs, cuddles and stories. Then why is it lonely? What is possibly going wrong in its life? I feel that it’s the weight. Not only the weight of us, dogs, squirrels or of leaves, the weight of dreams. Everyone who sits on it, thinks of something or is doing something like drinking coffee or tea. They are dreaming or in the process of dreaming. What about this bench’s aspirations? Has anyone ever thought of it? Let’s not go overboard and think that this bench might want to fly. This is something a rich bench would aspire to be. All this grey bench, with cement in its bones and blood aspire to be is to be left off, alone. At least for a few moments each day. To be weightless. Always being surrounded with people can be heavy and toxic. I understand it.

With this thought I looked at my friends. I am not always surrounded with them. I rather aspire to bring a book or my ukulele to this play here, alone. But then again, I’ll be alone, but this bench won’t be. It needs some time by itself. With that thought, all I wanted to see was this bench to be free of people, so that it could be free to be itself. A bench, alone, yet happy. So, I asked my friends, “let’s walk?” and they agreed. It is not a good thing to always sit and talk, for all kinds of hearts, flesh and cements.

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